• Meet the team - Photo Booth Hire in Birsbane

Meet your photo booth team

Prop Box Photo is a photo booth hire in Brisbane, and the brainchild of two professional wedding photographers, Anthony and Kim of Lover of Mine. For several years, we ran an open style photo booth exclusive only to our wedding and event clients. We quickly realized that our photo booth was gaining momentum and Prop Box Photo was born. Being professional photographers meant that we already knew how to produce the best quality images, so starting a photo booth business was an easy decision.

Invigorated and reinvented in 2015, Prop Box Photo brings the absolute best in photo booth experiences available for hire in Brisbane and beyond.

Our open style photo booth concept coupled with the inclusion of beautiful unique backdrops, and amazing selection of props, ensures that the pictures from each event can be unique. Guests take home large instant prints, that print in about 7 seconds on our dye sublimation printer, so they can remember the event. Our printers are some of the best, and the fastest, to ensure that the photo booth users have the most seamless experience. We also give clients access to an online gallery of professionally edited photos. Our photo booth also has the unique feature of being able to connect you directly to your favourite social media services to share your photo booth experience.


Your Photo Booth and social media kiosk

Our booths are light, compact, can go virtually anywhere. Combine that with the previously mentioned print quality and print speed, and you have the ultimate photo booth! Having a separate kiosk means that you don’t have to hold up the queue for the photo booth because people are entering their online credentials.

The Photo Booth Equipment:

As professional photographers we only use the best quality gear for our photo booth, like high quality Canon 5D Mark III DSLR cameras, Elinchrome D-Light RX4 strobe lights, and DNP DS40 dye sublimation printers. Not only do we provide the quality gear to produce great images, but we also edit the images to make sure they reach their full potential.


The Camera:

A Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera (Also known as a digital single lens reflex camera) is able to provide professional grade images because it has a larger sensor, while the booth itself still comes in an easy to use self-serve format. Low light sensitivity is also much better with a DSLR than a point and shoot, or a webcam, so that makes them ideal for parties, weddings, and various events with low lighting.


The Printer (Dye Sublimation):

Prop Box only uses top-quality high-end printers like the DNP DS40, which can print one 4×6 image in as little as 7 seconds, which is currently the fastest print times on the market. This means that the guests at your event will only wait a minimal amount of time to get their prints. Dye sublimation also means that you get photo finishing quality prints.


The Lighting:

Lighting is one of the most crucial things in Photography. This is where being a professional photographer has its advantages. With Prop Box you can always rest assured that you have the best quality images with the usage of professional lighting and lighting techniques. We use strobes like the Elinchrome D-Light RX4 and as mentioned above, we also edit the films to ensure they reach their maximum potential.